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Thanks for stopping by.

Lots going on as we wind down a year that’s been filled with travel, writing, singing and working for peace.

After a couple more weekends on the road (shows in Long Beach, CA and Erie, PA), I’ll be planting my beach chair in the sand for a few weeks of R and R with the family on Cape Cod. We live for this time together and are absolutely ready for a long and winding vacation.

Next year I’ll be all over the world for shows in such places as Cleveland, Denver, Orlando, Orange County. I’ll even squeeze in a week or so in Poland to do some singing and teaching in November. I sure hope to see you down the road somewhere because it is your loving faces and warm embraces that keep me on an even keel.

Follow me on Twitter for the blow by blow, or come back here to check new dates that are constantly being posted.

May each day bring us closer to each other and may we work–despite our differences–for real, lasting peace.

With my thanks and love,